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The Metabolic Balance Program will help you...


Individualized Plans

The Metabolic Balance program is customized to the individual client based on their blood work (No Cookie Cutter Plans Here!).

Holistic Approach

It"s a highly effective and holistic approach to nutrition and it recommends only whole and natural foods.

Improves Client Success

It saves you valuable time and increases compliance with your clients.


Metabolic Balance is a science-based, individual tailored meal plan.

Coaching Suppport

It comes with professional coaching support and recourses. 

Increase Sales

You can easily add it to an existing practice as a new service, or use it as your main offering. 

The Metabolic Balance   
Program is designed to focus
on foods that provide most of 
the necessary nutritens that 
your clients need...                                    


... in order to reach their weight loss goal and improve their overall quality of life


The program is as individual as your fingerprint.

Metabolic Balance believes that every person can produce the hormones and enzymes required for metabolism when they supply their body with the essential building blocks: Carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as secondary plant substances.

With a balanced body, everyone can listen to and trust their inner signals again. This means the body informs us which nutrients it needs to maintain metabolism by developing "cravings" for certain nutrient-rich foods that benefit the body.

The Metabolic Balance meal plan is created on the basis of blood values (36 parameters) and personal health information (i.e. medication, allergies, etc.). For this purpose, all blood values and information are entered into a computer software, and out comes the customizsed meal plan. 

Metabolic Balance supports practitioners by developing personalized, science based nutrition plans for them.

Highly effective, the individualized real-food plan acts as a “nutrition road map“ by giving a client clear direction for reaching a healthy weight and maintaining long-term.

Hence, you can spend more time coaching and establishing new clients rather then in tedious clinical development of a client‘s nutrition plan.

You will have a new tool in place, that provides you with a DONE FOR YOU system that will allow you to waste less time creating custom meals plans from scratch and attract more clients... all while getting your clients incredible results. You‘re invited to learn more about how to add Metabolic Balance to your business and accelerate both your income and clients results. 






  • Expand your tools for excellent client results and a time saving system that creates the meal plan for your client.

  • Enhances the uniqueness of your clinic.

  • Fast return of investment.

  • Simple integration of the program in an existing practice or solid basis for a business start-up.

  • Regular training opportunities.

  • Professional support by the Metabolic Balance Arabia team and the Scientific Advisory Board.

  • Ensures word of mouth referrals from satiesfied clients.

  • Tried and tested by consultants around the world for over 20 years.

  • Personal benefits from following your own Metabolic Balance plan.




  • Completely focused on the individual health of your clients to help them lose weight and increase their quality of life.

  • Based on a detailed analysis of your client's current situation and eating habits.

  • Use of exclusively natural foods and avoidance of additional products in the meal plan.

  • Individualized custom made meal plan.

  • Provides excellent results for long term weight management.

  • Clients gain genuine knowledge for which foods are right for them and how to eat real foods for ongoing vitality and well-being.

  • Access to the Metabolic Balance App to support the weight loss journey.


Here is what you'll get:


Full access to all forms and advertising materials to onboard clients easily.

Acess to the Metabolic Balance portal to request your clients meal plans and acess useful recources.

A 4-Phase customized meal plan ready for your clients!

Continuing Education, Webinars and Support available for no extra cost.

Bonus: Your own custom Metabolic Balance Meal Plan

Financing options available





There are three components for training as a certified Metabolic Balance practitionier in Arabia:

Part 1

Complete the 16 module online training course to understand the theory behind Metabolic Balance. This typically takes 12-16 hours. There are two exams at the end of moudule 8 and module 16.

Part 2

Complete the implementation training by attending the live webinar sessions over one day. During these webinar you will gain a comprehensive understaning of the practicalities of offering Metabolic Balance to your clients. We cover the best way to implement Metabolic Balance into your practice and support your clients whilst they follow their Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition plan. Detailed support materilas are provided so you have an excellent resource to refer back at any time.

Part 3

All Metabolic Balance practitioners are encouraged to participate in the program to be able to personally experience the benefits of the program and hence be able to support clients fully through the program.

Post training support

Following completition of your training all Metabolic Balance Arabia practitioniers are invited to join the monthly support webinars for ongoing learning via case studies, coaching support, problem brainstorming, lastest research, theory updates and guest speakers to support practitioners on implementing the program in their practice for the first year.

The ongoing support available to practitioners in Arabia ensures excellent success for both you and your clients.

The implementation Webinar Training

Part 1 of the certification for MB practitioners involves the theory training component. This is self-directed and may be started at a convenient time for your after enrolment. It must be completed prior to joining an implementation webinar training. The theory component takes apporximately 12 hours of study.

Part 2 of the certification for MB practitioniers is attendance to the implementation webinar. This webinar is hosted over 2 days and is planned individually.


Why do leading health and wellness  practitioners prefer the Metabolic Balance method?

Hear from one of our top performing coaches


No. Our course is reserved for health and/or wellness professionals with a nutrition background (e.g. Dietician's, Nutritionists, MD’s, ND’s, Homeopaths, Chiropractors, Fitness professionals, etc.)
It is a self-paced course and therefore, the course duration will highly depend on how much time you can invest every week to go through the training material. Note, however, that we give every coach-in-training a maximum of 3 months from their registration date to complete both the theoretical and practical components of the course.
Yes, you can, but you will need to graduate before serving clients.
Absolutely, you can coach clients both in person or remotely.
You decide whether you want to coach clients one-on-one or in a group setting.
There is no need for specific equipment to practice as a Metabolic Balance coach, other than a reliable Internet connection. Some coaches may invest in practice management software (e.g. Practice Better) for organizing their clients’ files and consultations notes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      When seeing clients in an office setting, some coaches decide to invest in a good set of scale, height gauge, tape measure, and possibly a body composition-measuring device.
Some clients may not be eligible to participate in the Metabolic Balance program. As an example, pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as anyone whose medical condition prevents them from following the phases of the program.
Plans recommend usual whole foods (preferably organic) with a low glycemic load, that can be found at any local grocery stores or farmers’ markets.
Metabolic Balance plans can be created for vegetarians who occasionally include some animal proteins in their meals. For strict vegetarians or vegans, plans can be created upon request only, after a detailed review of the case.
Metabolic Balance meal plans may be created in 16 different languages. Please get in contact with us directly if you intend to request plans in languages other than Arabic or English.
Our team provides continuous support to all certified Metabolic Balance coaches, to ensure you always have everything you need at your fingertips. We are also available via email and whatsapp.
We do provide some marketing resources (flyers, booklets, logos, videos, etc.) that we share with you once you become a certified Metabolic Balance coach.


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